Jingxin Machinery the Tam Khe Hill For day trips

 COMPANY NEWS    |      2018-04-18

        In order to enrich the staff's amateur culture and entertainment life, to encourage staff morale, to stimulate staff life, work enthusiasm, while promoting communication and communication between departments. April 13, 2019, our company organized all the staff to Tam Khe Hill a day tour activities.

        Two hours of the drive, we play the game, inspired by the enthusiasm, singing and laughing constantly; travel on the way, we bravely first, help each other, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Tam Khe Hill beautiful scenery, conquered the peak, enjoy the lunch, relieve fatigue, enjoy pleasure, deeply felt the warmth of family.

        The company always insists on people-oriented, regard employees as the core force of the company's development, organization travel activities is the company's work to fully affirmed the staff, It's also a deep concern for employees. Through the tour, not only to enable employees to enjoy the beauty of nature in the spare time, but also enjoy the spirit and body, and can greatly mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and teamwork awareness for the company to provide emotional contact a good exchange platform, the staff in the relaxation, cultivate sentiment, but also can be more full of enthusiasm into the work , for their own contribution to the company's sustained and rapid development.