Advantages of gypsum board production line!

 COMPANY NEWS    |      2019-06-25

JingXin Machinery gypsum board production line applies international up-to-date equipments, such as full automatic batching system, plate type forming system, auto edge-adjusting, fixed length cutting, turnover transverse conveyor, transverse dryer, prevent folding device, automatic tracking mechanism, humidity and temperature auto-control device, fully automatic wrapping and booking device, auto packing system and so on.

The batching system achieved fool-operation of 20 kinds of powder and slurry, and our production line can adjust metering and adding of each main and auxiliary material automatically according to the forming speed. In order to keep up with the most advanced international production equipment, in recent years, we have introduced hard edge and surface mixer and transverse wind dryer, absorbed their technology, made a prototype and debugged successfully. And it has been applied in the production line exported to the United States and Mexico. Besides, learn from the technology of United States, we had gained a success in testing natural gas direct-fired drying technology in the production line with annual production capacity of 15 million square meters for Italian Gessi del Lago d'lseo Spa Company.