Sustainable development of the gypsum industry

 COMPANY NEWS    |      2019-10-07

At the 12th National Gypsum Technology Exchange Conference, it was concluded that green low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection have become the development direction of the future gypsum building materials industry.

At present, gypsum building materials are recognized as green building materials widely used in developed countries. As a major natural gypsum reserve country and a major producer of industrial by-product gypsum emissions, China's gypsum consumption was about 100 million tons last year, and industrial by-product gypsum emissions reached 125 million tons. How to comprehensively use a large number of industrial by-product gypsum to become the focus of discussion .

The conference focused on the latest technology, development trends and industrial policies of the domestic and international gypsum industry, explored how to improve the level of gypsum production and application technology in China, and demonstrated the latest technological achievements in energy saving and emission reduction and low carbon ecological environment protection in the gypsum building materials industry at home and abroad. Participants also visited the Changsha Guiyi Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd., the organizer of the conference. It is understood that the raw materials used in the original development of ecological gypsum wallboard and gypsum brick are industrial by-products (desulfurization gypsum, phosphogypsum, fly ash, etc.), which solve the two world problems of low strength and poor water resistance of gypsum products. It has aroused everyone's attention.

In recent years, the state has vigorously developed new building materials and products that meet the requirements of green building. The green building materials market has seen a boom in production and sales, which has effectively promoted energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction industry.