Paper Gypsum Board Production Line manufacturer

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Production of raw materials :
Building, gypsum, phosphogypsum, citric acid plaster, gypsum and other fluorine.
Plasterboard knowledge:
gypsum board prodcutin line --- Plasterboard is a building material made of gypsum as the main raw material. It is a light weight, high strength, thin, easy processing and noise insulation and fireproofing materials, such as better performance, is currently one of the new focus on the development of lightweight board. Plasterboard has been widely used in residential, office buildings, shops, hotels and industrial plants and other buildings within the wall, the wall cladding panel (instead of wall plaster layer), ceilings, acoustic panels, floor boards and various grassroots kinds of decorative panels.

Plasterboard (gypsum board is divided into ordinary (common), fiber gypsum board, gypsum board decorative "interpretation") which gypsum as the main material, adding fiber, adhesives, modifiers, after mixing pressing, drying a. With fire, noise insulation, lightweight, high strength, shrinkage characteristics and good stability, non-aging, anti-moth, available nails, sawing, planing, sticky methods such as construction.

Paper Gypsum Board Production Line working processe

Paper Gypsum Board Production Line is a special equipment for the production of new decorative materials. The main working processes include:
1. The plaster and water and various added ingredients are automatically metered, the automatic conveying system enters the mixer, mixed and stirred into gypsum pulp, and evenly sprinkled.
On the face paper moving continuously forward
2. After continuous advancement, through vibration, the slurry gradually spreads and spreads, and then enters the extrusion molding machine to be combined with the upper and lower facing paper, and is completely encapsulated by the upper and lower facing paper by extrusion molding, and extruded into Continuous pulp-like plasterboard
3. The board is gradually formed into a wet solid paper gypsum board after being shaped, naturally solidified, and automatically cut during the operation of the forming line. The wet board is arranged by a program control system, and is quickly dried by rollers, belts and flaps. room
4. The board is strictly controlled in each temperature zone of the drying room, and hot air of different temperatures is driven, the moisture of the wet board evaporates, the starch reacts to bond the board with the facing paper, and the dried gypsum board is dried from the drying room. stand out
5. Then turn the plate and the sheet again (frontward inward), and cut the board into a finished board of a certain size by a fixed-length saw.
6. Finally, it is sent to the automatic head and the automatic palletizing. The palletizing is completed and sent to the finished warehouse by the forklift.

Gypsum board production line specifications

Anual Capacity




Drier Layer


5-6 Million




8-10 Million




15-20 Million




20-30 Million