Full automatic Gypsum Board Production Line Price

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Gypsum board is a light construction material, which is mainly made of gypsum powder and liner paper. Mixed with small amount of starch, white latex, agglomerant, vesicant and water. It has many advantages such as light, fireproof, shockproof, heat preservation and so on. In addition, it can be cut, drilled, dig in the process of construction at will with convenience and good decorative effect. Furthermore, it can also enlarge the useful area of building.

Gypsum board

In construction, paperbacked plasterboard and light steel‐keel are used as non‐main wall, which applied widely to all kinds of industrial and civil architecture.

The full automatic Gypsum Board Production Line is a special equipments & devices used for producing a kind of new type construction material, paperbacked gypsum board. The production line is made of sections: Raw Material System, Forming System, Transportation System, Heating and Drying System, Cut‐ to‐Length System, Taping and Packing System.

Full automatic Gypsum Board Production Line Machine parts:

Gypsum board production line consisting of raw material supply system, 

forming system, conveyor systems, drying system, and so on for the production of gypsum board. 

Protective paper loader

Adopt new style compressor to draw out the head of machine paper board without special requirement,Good level up and less inferior product.

Flatten board section

Raw material is transported and lifted to feeding hopper,after measurement it comes to vertical mixer.Face and back paperboard are lifted to each shelf.They are tensioned with special tensioned with special tension unit.Mixed material from vertical mixer falls down to back paperboard,then formed into shape and covered with face paperboard,after last flattening the seni‐finished plasterboard is completed.

Conveying and Concreting

Semi‐finished plasterboard from formation section is automatically edge trimmed into continuous plasterboard,conveyed to concreting station and automatically cut.

Transferring section

Concreted plasterboard automatically transferred and cut in middle,saving raw material.It can save 8 centimetre materiod every two pieces,so it is productive.

Drying room

Plasterboard Transferred automatically into drying room which has shelves 5‐storey or 6‐storey,8‐ storey,10‐storey,12‐storey,with 50m,60m,70m,90m,and 120meters length range.

Finishing section

Automatically cut into dimensions avoiding defect product occurrence ,it promotes working efficency.